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Why Your Gums May be Pale or Darker Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Doctor Haigney
Why Your Gums May be Pale or Darker Following Oral SurgeryAfter oral surgery people expect to deal with things such as pain, swelling or minor bleeding. They may not expect to have their gums turn pale or the gums may appear darker.

This could be nothing or it could mean something. Learning what can cause it can help a person understand what to do when it happens to them.

Oral Surgery is a Trauma

Modern dentistry and medications have made many oral surgeries relatively painless. The use of lasers and other tools have made many procedures less invasive. That does not mean they are still not a traumatic event. All surgeries involve some form of trauma and the body will react to that trauma.

When it comes to oral surgery, the gums can turn white or pale as a result of the trauma. The pale or white color is around the site where the surgery performs. This typically lasts for only a few days. Over that time, the gums should return to a normal color. If it does not or if the gums are pale in areas away from the surgical site, it could signal other problems. In that case, contact our offices for more help.

Dark Gums

Just like the pale gums, dark gums can come as a result of the trauma of oral surgery. The dark gums can result from bruising that occurs during the surgery. If there is a buildup of blood under the gums, it can appear as a dark spot. This is something that could cause pain and could signal a bigger problem. If it does not resolve itself in a couple of days, it is best to contact our office.

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