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When to Call Our Office Following an Automobile Accident

Posted on 9/25/2018 by Doctor Haigney
When to Call Our Office Following an Automobile AccidentWhen you are involved in a car accident, it is a good idea to call our office, so we can examine you for other potential injuries.

While it may be more urgent to get you treated for bodily injuries after a crash, we want to make sure you understand how important it is to get seen by one of our doctors as well.

In many cases, automobile accidents result in neck pain from whiplash, which, if left untreated can get worse. There may be no visible injuries to your mouth or teeth, but if you start experiencing pain later on it may be time to call us.

Oral Injuries from Trauma to the Face

Even if it's not evident immediately following a car accident, many people suffer from things like jaw dislocation or breakage. Because you may have suffered other injuries in the crash, you may not notice something is wrong in your mouth.

Whiplash can cause damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the jaw to the skull. This can cause problems with the joint that can result in difficulty eating, speaking or opening your mouth.

In other cases, facial injuries occur in a car crash. Because you cannot put a cast over your face, our oral surgeons will be able to address any fractures to the bones or soft tissue around the mouth. We can also heal any injuries to the teeth.

Even if you have a loose tooth that's hanging by a thread DO NOT pull it out. In many cases, our surgeons can save the that tooth with surgery. If you can, call us right after your accident and we will get you in right away.

Even if the car accident was not severe, it is always a good idea to call our office if you have been involved in any crash, so we can examine you and treat you if needed.
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