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Drinks to Avoid Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/23/2018 by Doctor Haigney
Coffee Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery NC 28078We are not going to discuss the food that you are prohibited from eating after an oral surgery because this has been sufficiently covered in many articles. The important thing for faster recovery is to keep hydrated.

This is to ensure that the mucus lining around your mouth will not dry up and the blood clots will stay in place. Water should be enough for your daily hydration needs. On the first day after you go home, drink at least six glasses.

Steer Clear of These Drinks After the Procedure

Of course, the title of this article is about the drinks to avoid. The rule of thumb is, the clearer the liquid is, the safer it would be.

And no, vodka does not count. Alcoholic drinks are the last thing on your menu after the surgery, along with any carbonated beverage. They can weaken the blood clot and promote bleeding.

They will also slow down the recovery process. In the same vein, never drink your liquids with a straw when the wound is still fresh because it can free up the blood clot and expose the wound to infection.

We have had patients who did not listen to the advice. Days later, they come back complaining of gnawing pain. It did not even take enough prodding for them to confess that they drank alcohol against our advice.

Other Drinks to avoid
Those are the major ones, but you run the whole gamut of drinks that you need to avoid. You steer clear of hot drinks like coffee or tea, you decline any invitation to partake of orange juice, grapefruit, apple juice, and acidic drinks like lemonade. Ask your dentist when you can resume drinking the non alcoholic, sugary beverages.

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