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What Does It Mean When You Notice a Clicking in Your Jaw

Posted on 11/27/2017 by Doctor Haigney
Clicking Jaw Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery NC 28078
A clicking in the jaw is not something that everyone worries about. In most cases, worry only sets in when there is pain. For some people, concern doesn't really show until it becomes obvious that the pain has not gone away for quite a while.

That's usually when people will come to us. If you have any worries then make sure to inform yourself about what it can mean and how you can solve the issue, if there happens to be one.

Causes of Jaw Clicking: What Patients Should Look Out For

Known as TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), a clicking in the jaw can actually be caused by many different things. Some of these causes are more serious than others.

The temporomandibular jaw is one of the complicated jaws in the body as it can move both up and down and side to side. This means that from time to time, strange sounds can emerge from it but it also means that complications can occur.

Some of the complications can include muscular issues caused by stress, as well as trauma and jaw dislocation. Another common issue (which is often experienced by older people) is arthritis or even inflammation of the jaw due to a variety of causes.

Symptoms can include pain in the teeth and intense headaches. Painful grinding can also be heard. In most cases, symptoms tend to be mild and will disappear randomly. However, TMJ can also be debilitating. This is usually where it is best to come to us.

It can be worrying to experience the symptoms of anything, especially if you are not used to it. To alleviate worry and find out what can be done about it, make sure to book an appointment with us.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (704) 255-5888 today.

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