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How Splitting a Tooth Makes It Easier to Remove

Posted on 7/23/2017 by Doctor Haigney
Dental extractions at Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery.
One of the more common tasks your oral surgeon does is extracting a tooth. This could be a decaying tooth, a tooth that died from trauma or an injury, or even removing wisdom teeth. Some of these teeth come out without a problem, but others are a bit more stubborn. Typically, this is because the tooth has become impacted, or stuck. If you are having a tooth extracted that doesn't want to make their job easy, your oral surgeon may opt to split that tooth.

What Splitting a Tooth Can Do for An Extraction

When your oral surgeon opts to split your tooth, what they are doing is effectively cutting it up into numerous smaller pieces. As each small piece is taken out, the other pieces loosen up. This lets them come out easier, and leave you with an extracted tooth that doesn't hurt nearly as much as one that would have had to be cut out by cutting into the gums. Your oral surgeon has a few options when it comes to extracting a tooth, but most of them have side effects that can harm the surrounding teeth. This sometimes includes rocking a tooth to loosen it, but this can jam the tooth into nearby teeth, harming them in the process. By cutting it instead, it comes out easier, faster, and often, far less painfully.

If you have a tooth about to come out, talk to your oral surgeon prior to the appointment about what methods they use and why. You may be surprised at just how many tricks your oral surgeon has up his or her sleeves to help you get the results you need, without the pain that no one wants. Call them today to find out more. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (704) 255-5888.
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